“Tubism” is an album combined of 16 seamless compositions and many layers of expression and inspiration. The main concept of the project is a musical definition of 16 tube stations between artist’s home and the Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen, the main inspiration are his first observations and impressions after moving to a new city and the main workshop is a home studio backed by skills in playing jazz, writing film scores and composing for instrumental ensembles.

What you can hear, in every track of this “organic lo-fi beats with jazz and folk flavor” album, is not just a typical DAW setup. Moo Latte did a great job layering many artificial and organic sounds, including underground field recordings and such instruments as: electric bass, double bass, guitar, grand piano, analog synthesizers and homemade percussives. Despite overall lo-fi character and a wide variety of sounds used for the project, even the shortest click sits perfectly where it belongs.

Come aboard our train, press play and don’t mind the gaps!

Released 19 DECEMBER 2016
Cat. No 555012
Format MP3 320kbps / WAV 16-bit / WAV 24-bit
Physical CD